Property trends and property prices in Bromhof?

Let’s look at the property prices in Bromhof, Jhb.  So, just how is the Bromhof property market doing?  Let’s consider the here and now of property ownership in Bromhof.  According to P24 let’s consider where the growth has been and where it will come from in the months to come.

131 properties are recorded as transferred in 2021 versus 150 in 2020.  That amounts to an average sales price is sitting at R1,210,000 versus R1,182,500 in 2020.  And the average asking price for Bromhof is sitting at R1,299,500 versus R1,195 in 2020.  So, by all accounts, there are still a few properties to sell this year, compared to last year.  But the good news is the average sales price is up a little, but up nonetheless.

Property ownership in Bromhof?

According to P24, the current property owners in Bromhof has 49% of homeowners in the category of 11+ years of owning a home.  This is important because the number of the sales we still expect to see come through in 2021 would most likely be from the 11+ year bracket in terms of homeownership.

Average prices for properties in Bromhof?

Sectional title: The average transferred price is R940,000, up from R850,000 in 2020.  Freestanding properties are sitting on an average transferred price of R1,450,000, also up from R1,300,000 in 2020.

Current Market for Bromhof

The highest asking price in the area is R3,599,000.  And, finally, the lowest-priced property is R560,000.

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