Sell your home fast but declutter first

Sell your home fast but declutter 1st

If you are planning to sell your home fast then declutter first!  Decluttering helps to sell a home fast!  We recently covered how to sell a home fast and we included 4 of the golden rules to sell a home fast.  Today we cover decluttering what it is.  And, we cover how to declutter your home to make sure you can sell it fast.  If you own stuff that’s ok.  But if stuff owns you that’s not ok.  Decluttering is by far the easiest way to make space in your life and your home for stuff that’s important to you.  So make space for those you love and allow for even bigger and better experiences.

Too much stuff?

We all have too much stuff, but as a woman, I have surrounded myself with the stuff I love.  I also see a room full of potential.  But, I also find myself cringing inwardly because everything in this room is all over the place.  Her stuff is not organised.  The room looks crowded.  I also see a to-do list of stuff to do (loose cords along the ceiling) etc.  What I am wondering is how I tell this property owner that this room is a mess without offending her.  I am also wondering how I tell this lady that I cannot sell her house as-is.  You see, this picture exists in so many properties a potential buyer will view.  As a seller, you may think this is ok, but it’s not.  A potential buyer will run out of this room screaming or they will just take your asking price and lob off some hard-earned investment return.

Sell your home fast but then who could consider decluttering?

There are so many of us that could benefit from decluttering?  To name but a few here goes:

  • Downsizing: You could be downsizing for retirement and this could mean moving into a smaller home.
  • Moving home: Perhaps you are moving home and cannot face packing 100+ boxes.
  • Space planning and optimisation: Making more space at home to enjoy your home even more with less to clean and less to worry about.
  • Having too much stuff: And, we have all been stuck at home being safe and complying with lockdown rules and you have had a chance to have a look inside your cupboards or the garage, heaven forbid.  You therefore just “KNOW” that you have tons of stuff that you don’t want or no longer need.

Benefits of decluttering

Oftentimes it is not so much about getting rid of “stuff” but the actual getting into action to achieve that outcome.  But as the decluttering gurus there really are some great benefits to decluttering that include:

  1. Less to clean. If you even do a little of your own cleaning you will understand it to be a chore.  Where this becomes a real chore is having to clean stuff around you that you have but don’t need, or worse that you have not used in yonks. Decluttering means you have less to clean which will save you time.
  2. Less to organize. Once you are able to find things that you are looking for you will truly enjoy being more organised.  If like me you find things just ‘disappear’ you will be amazed that once you become organised things no longer seem to disappear.  Organising also means you group things together so putting something back makes perfect sense and finding it is even easier. You may even find that the stuff you don’t need you can sell.  Now that’s decluttering.
  3. Less stress. If you consistently look around at the clutter you have accumulated you will realise just how silly it is to have some of the stuff you are hanging onto.  Really, is it necessary to have 3 egg beaters in your kitchen when you know you use the same one every time?  Declutter and keep your favourite item (singular).
  4. Less debt. The decluttering experts and believe me, that’s not me, say that you will spend less time shopping for stuff that adds to your clutter.  And your wallet and your bank accounts will remain fuller.  If your credit card needs a break, then think of how much you could save when you stop buying stuff that you don’t need.  And multiply what you save in a month over 12 months or even 5 years!
  5. Financial freedom. Most homeowners feel broke by month-end.  Almost all of us carry a credit card or a line of credit like an overdraft that we frequently dip into.  By abstaining from buying unwanted ‘stuff’ means you can and will allow your savings to build up over time.  You could also build up a nice emergency fund if you need it.  Or you can put a little extra into your bond repayments every month and pay off your home loan faster.
  6. Feed your real passion:  There can be no doubt that when you have more financial freedom, a clean home that you will have the physical and emotional energy to feed your real passion in life.  Essentially when you have more financial freedom, less debt, more control, and even less stress, you will be able to focus on what you enjoy rather than worrying about “the Joneses”.  You will be far happier.

Sell your home fast and start with decluttering 1st

But, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  You don’t have to spend money getting someone to do your decluttering, you can do it yourself.  Having done some research on what decluttering is and how to go about doing it, there are loads of ways you can start, and here are some:

  • Interrogate your reasons for collecting:  Mindful collectors are precise about their motivations.  Also, they have the knowledge and are very purposeful about their acquisition strategies and how to organise them.  Sometimes we confuse hoarding with collecting.
  • Your personal threshold: How much stuff you are able to accumulate holds a personal threshold.  It’s simple and at some point, you will reach that point. Ask yourself whether an item or item(s) add value to your life.  Keep those items.  If an item does not add value to your life now or in your future, get rid of that.
  • Start sorting to get organised.  It’s no good having a pile of electronic stuff like extra phone chargers or thumb drives in every room of the house.  Sort all the stuff into one pile and work from there.  You will soon see that you have quite a few old phone chargers that you can no longer use.  And you will be able to weed out broken stuff that you cannot use.
  • Every room must get organised.  For example, your kitchen has a drawer or two that really does have all sorts of nick snacks that you will not use.  Not today and certainly not in the future.  The crazy gadget you bought at the flea market when you were on holiday.  The old slow cooker that blew or the 2nd and 3rd egg beater.  The list goes on.
  • Go through your wardrobes: How many belts do you need?  Own a watch collection but you only wear your activity tracker nowadays? Is your fridge littered with fridge magnets?  Own piles of old junk jewelry that you no longer wear?  Is your sock draw overflowing with old socks?  How many sewing kits do you need? Collecting old bras that you bought 8 or more years ago? 8 or more pairs of flip flops?  How many pairs of tekkies can you possibly own?  Scarves in every colour?  It’s time to really be ruthless.
  • Declutter your garage: Seriously people how many tins of old paint are you going to collect.  Apart from the fact that paint and similar items are flammable, you will not be able to move them if you sell your home.  Similarly, how many paint trays and old paintbrushes are you keeping for a rainy day?  Broken appliances and stuff that does not work.  Maybe, you are selling your home, the garage is possibly the worst room in your home to pack up. Almost always, when you move, the garage is last on the list.  And this room can test your patience and ruin a well-planned and organised move.

Bring joy to others with your unwanted stuff: 

Don’t let your unwanted, pre-loved stuff become obsolete.  Sell it or donate it, but get rid of it.

  • The excess stuff that you no longer want or need is needed elsewhere by other people, sometimes people who are less fortunate than you are.
  • You can sell items of value or you could simply give it way and really make someone’s day.  You can keep the proceeds of what you sell or you can donate it to a worthy cause.  There are charity shops around SA that will happily relieve you of your previously loved stuff.
  • What lies behind the stuff you have ‘collected or hoarded’ are the emotional ties we have to stuff.  Nothing more and nothing less.

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