Homeowner Tips and yes, bathrooms sell homes

Bathrooms will help to sell a property

Yes, bathrooms sell homes!  Planning on selling your property and know you want 2021 prices when you sell but have a 1920’s bathroom?  If you are selling your home after living in it for a long time, will your bathrooms impress new potential buyers? It’s been a tough year for the SA property market and Covid and more, we have all had a tough time.  We all know we find ourselves in a buyer’s market.  Meaning there is more stock than there are buyers.  Buyers are spoiled for choice too.  And they want to buy a palace but pay for a Pandokkie.  How do you make your bathroom stand out above the other homes on the market? Stage your bathroom and get noticed.

Does your property stand out because bathrooms sell homes?

  • From the moment you meet with your Keller Williams estate agent, and you decide to list your property, you are already in competition with the other homes in your suburb.
  • Drawing more potential buyers is important when your competition is in your suburb.
  • You want all the possible potential buyers to imagine how their future would look in your home, and especially your bathroom(s).

Staging makes it easier to market your home

  • A well-staged home looks like it’s been photographed for a glossy magazine cover.
  • Turn your lovely home into the most beautiful home in your suburb.
  • Your photos and HD videos should look absolutely amazing.

Attracting more potential buyers

  • In the recent USA, the National Association of Realtor’s piece of research, it was noted that 46% of potential buyers were more willing to visit a staged home after viewing photos online.
  • A staged home will get more potential buyers – guaranteed.  If your home stands out from the rest you will get more potential buyers pitching up to view your home on show day.
  • A Keller Williams estate agent and all their colleagues will see the photos you use to showcase your home.  And yes, bathrooms sell homes.  You want your home to be that home that everyone clambers to view.

Sell your home faster

  • It’s pretty obvious. If you have done your best to stage your home and you have made sure that it looks absolutely beautiful it goes without saying – your home will draw more potential buyers.
  • If your staging efforts have lifted your home a notch, if your home appeals to a wide range of potential buyers who can imagine themselves in your home, your home will sell.
  • The photos that get taken are critical. The lighting must be perfect.  Each room must look absolutely picture perfect and nothing should be out of place

Stage it yourself: Because bathrooms sell homes.

  • Get the right look in your bathroom and it’s a deal maker, get it wrong and it’s a deal-breaker.
  • You want to make sure your bathroom looks as up-to-date and modern as you can manage and afford.
  • You want your bathroom to really look like a luxurious living space.  Nothing less than a luxury hotel look.
  • But, keep it simple, nothing OTT.

Your license to shop

  • If there is only 1 thing you buy it must be a nice new set of soft, fluffy, luxurious, and thick bath towels.
  • NB: women are normally key deciders when buying a home – that’s who your bathroom is aimed at.
  • Fluffy, clean, and preferably white bath sheets are a sure sign of a pampered life so have fun shopping.
  • Bright and funky colours for a bath mat would lift the colour in the bathroom.
  • But stick to clear colours like blues and greens on the walls if you can.
  • You could buy a nice plant that will brighten up your bathroom, but maintaining it could be costly.  Fresh cut flowers will also look great in a bathroom (small, pretty, and colourful) but nothing OTT.

Use bright, clear colours

  • What’s important here is that you use clear colours like blues and greens on the walls.
  • Nothing with muddy undertones.
  • Select colours for your walls that reflect light.  The better that light reflects in a bathroom, the cleaner the appearance which is exactly what you are going for.

Hide the ordinary stuff

  • Hide any signs of your daily life.
  • Only the pretty stuff gets displayed and the practical and medicinal items get packed far away.
  • When potential buyers walk through your home you want them to stop at your bathroom and decide for themselves that you lead a pampered life and they can too if they buy your home.

Replacing non-white toilets and sinks

  • Unfortunately, this calls for a plumber.  And, this will increase your costs, but it will be worth it.
  • If you have green, pink or yellow toilets and basins these should be replaced in order to maximise the look you are going for.  And remember dated or retro is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Before you undertake improvements before you sell, check with your Keller Williams estate agent whether it is actually worth the cost and the effort.
  • White will appeal to a much wider audience.
  • Check the countertops.  Nothing chipped or warped will do.

Bling and things

  • Are your fixtures and fittings old and grotty?
  • Be assured that a handsome return will be coming your way if you modernise these features.
  • Do all your fittings match?

Clean and sparkly

  • Rule number 1 – your bathroom will never ever again be this clean.
  • This goes for a shower curtain or shower doors – clean it, bleach it, scrub it till it sparkles.
  • Replace the white silicone around your bath and replace the silicone around your shower door too.
  • You are going for a clean, white, and very, very hygienic look.

Now – maintain the room

  • Once you achieve the sophisticated, luxurious look you are going for, you need to keep it going.
  • Keep some wet wipes handy for emergency wipe downs.
  • Be your own chambermaid – you need to keep the look going till you sell your home. It will be worth it and with all the effort you have made you will sell your home and for the right price.

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