The Electrical Compliance Certificate

Electrical Compliance Certificate or ECC

An Electrical Compliance Certificate or ECC is a legal requirement.  It’s your responsibility as the seller.  An Electrical Compliance Certificate is required for a property transfer.

What does Electrical Compliance Certificate cover?

I always explain this in layman’s terms as follows:

  • Electricity is provided by Eskom to your home or the complex.
  • From there the electricity is distributed within your property.
  • The Electrical Compliance Certificate covers your core installation.
  • It covers lights, switches, and wall plugs.
  • In other words, all ingoing and outgoing electricity within your property.
  • An ECC does not cover any fixed appliances.
  • In cases where it is considered dangerous, where a power cord or cable is loose, this can be included in the ECC, but the Electrician is not bound to make these repairs.  Visually if one can see the danger of a loose ceiling light hanging down from the ceiling, this is normally agreed to upfront with the Electrician.
  • But, remember the ECC is a legal requirement that ensures your property is wired to specific standards.
  • In other words, as estate agent from Keller Williams, I always request that the stove, the oven, and the extractor fan or hob is covered in the ECC. There is just nothing worse as an estate agent when you receive a call from a buyer to say the backplate on the stove is not working.  To mitigate this challenge and to improve the overall experience when I sell a property, I almost always ask that the stove, the oven, and the extractor fan be included in the ECC.   Also, remember the stove, the oven, and the extractor fan or hob are considered appliances and are not normally covered with the ECC.
  • Finally, as a buyer, you will get a copy of this certificate as part of the normal transfer process. In conclusion, keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Have issues with your Electrical Compliance Certificate?

  • The Electrical Compliance Certificate is a certificate that confirms your property meets a required standard.  And, it’s the law.  If you have issues, look at your certificate and find the contact details of the electrician that did your ECC.
  • If you still get no joy after chatting to the electrician that did your ECC and you want to take it further, go to the Gauteng Inspection Authority. Click here to go to the Gauteng Electrical Inspection Authority’s website.  And remember the Geia polices the work done in the ECC space.
  • When you call in the Gauteng Electrical Inspection Authority, they will undertake a thorough review of the electrical distribution within your property. They open everything up and have a really good look.  To clarify, the Geia findings are produced as a report.  Quite detailed too.  Above all, the Department of Labour, the electrician is obliged to get the property up to standard.  And at the electricians cost.
  • If work is not done to standard, the Electrician faces 2 results. 1 withdraw the licence.  1, suspend the Electricians licence to operate.  Or 2, do the work required to get the property up to the required standard.  In other words, this work is done at the Electricians cost.

How do you find someone to do your ECC?

As an estate agent working for Keller Williams you could ask me.  We have covered when an Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECC) is required.  When your Keller Williams estate agent sells your property, they would generally on instruction, request an ECC at the time when our buyer pays for conveyancing costs and transfer fees.  There are many reasons why this is the right time, but generally the ‘property transaction’ is quite far along and at this point, the risks are far lower than doing it too early in the process.

Your Keller Williams estate agent will provide you, the seller with a few options.  We would be happy to arrange it for you too, it’s all in the service we deliver.

How much does an Electrical Compliance Certificate cost?

Generally speaking, and depending on which Electrician is used to do the ECC, the cost of obtaining this certificate is between R1,500 and around R1,800 depending on the electrician.

What is not covered with your ECC?

To obtain the certificate alone, the cost is between R1,500 and R1,800.  In other words, work that’s required to get your property to the right standard will be an additional cost.  And as a seller, it’s your cost to bear.  Additional work is charged as a cost per hour.

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