Sell my home. Let’s look at master bedroom make-overs

master bedroom makeover

Sell my home?  Are you thinking of selling your home, why not home stage your master bedroom?  You really do want to show your home at its very best.  And, remember there are enormous benefits that come with home staging.  Firstly home staging will help to sell your home faster which is really important in the buyer’s market we find ourselves in.  Secondly, the cost to home stage the master bedroom will be significantly less than dropping your asking price.

Selling your home – why not home stage your master bedroom +

Whether you are selling your home or just looking for some inspiration to make the most of your home why not try home staging.  It’s easy, it’s practical, it’s fun and you have permission to shop.  We have decided to go room by room because everyone has different priorities at home so be sure to read our other articles if you missed them.

10 Practical, cost-effective tips to home stage a master bedroom

  1. Fix the nicks – do you have any bashes on the corners of the walls that a bit of Polyfilla could fix?
  2. Paint the room in neutral, calming colours. Cover up the vibrant colour scheme and stick to neutral colours.
  3. Remove all the furniture – except for the bed, the bedside tables, and the dresser.
  4. Declutter – Clear out all the clutter, all of it. Pack everything away and you will see that the bedroom will also start to look bigger.  Every day-to-day item should be packed away.
  5. Crisp clean linen – if you are in the mood to shop nothing lifts the look of the master bedroom better than crisp white linen.
  6. Lighting – is the lighting that you have in the room working to show off the room at its best. If you need to invest in new bedside table lamps remember this is a small investment to make.  You want to make this room as light and airy as possible.
  7. Window dressings – lighten the windows as much as possible. Let in as much light as you can.  Clean the blinds or wash the curtains and make sure the windows sparkle.
  8. Ease up on the décor – remember less is more. You want to show off to potential buyers how stunning the master bedroom is, you are not focusing on wowing them with your bedroom décor.
  9. Depersonalise – remember to pack away all your personal effects and that goes for family photos or wedding photos that you may have in your master bedroom.
  10. Clean – make sure everything in your master bedroom is absolutely clean and sparkly.

The basics

Let’s not forget that it is not necessary to home stage every room in your house.  You want to focus on the rooms that you know need attention.  You want to do only as much as you need to do.  Remember you are going for the neatly organised, clean, sparkly, fresh, minimalist look in most of the rooms of your home, and especially the master bedroom.

Also, home staging is a pretty new concept in South Africa, has been used in America for years now.  There are some fantastic free resources online if you do a little digging.  Home staging in America has been known to help sell a property much faster and if it’s done right will help you sell your property for a great asking price, provided your home is priced correctly, to begin with.

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Remember if you are planning to sell your property, stick to the basics when you home stage your master bedroom.  Keep it simple.  Don’t go overboard with colours, keep it neutral and if you only buy 1 new thing, let it be a new crisp white set of linen. Happy home staging.

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