Navigating a deceased estate

navigating a deceased estate

Let us help you navigate through a deceased estate. Notwithstanding the impact that Covid has had on all our lives, death is something that will come to us all at any time, guaranteed.  Today we cover how to navigate a deceased estate where a property is involved.

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What is immovable property?

Immovable property is just that.  Immovable property.  When navigating a deceased estate, the property is considered immovable property.

Transferring property in a deceased estate

There are various types of deceased estate transfers, and we will cover 2 today:

Is the death of a person also a registered owner of the property?  Because there are two types of letters that the Master’s Office will issue:

Letters of Authority

  • The Master’s Office is required to give further direction to its representative.  This will facilitate the property registration at the Deeds Office.
  • Heirs are required to consent to the sale of the property.  This will allow the Master’s Office to endorse the Power of Attorney in terms of Section 18(3).
  • When the property is registered, proceeds will be paid directly into the Estate Late Account.  This, in terms of the representative who will distribute accordingly.
  • This process is shorter & less cumbersome than that of a Letter of Executorship.  This enables a Liquidation and Distribution account which needs not be lodged at the Master’s Office.

Transfer of immovable property; letters of executorship

  • The Master’s Office is required to provide the Executor direction in order for the property to be registered at the Deeds Office.
  • Heirs are required to consent to the property sale.  This, before the Master’s Office, can endorse the Power of Attorney.  This is outlined in terms of Section 42(2) of the Act.
  • When registration is concluded, the proceeds of the sale will be paid into the Estate Late Account.  This is for the Executor to deal with. The Executor will draft a Liquidation and Distribution Account. This is submitted to the Master’s Office for approval.  Thereafter the matter will be advertised.  The Liquidation and Distribution will take 21 days. And via a Government Gazette and/or local Newspaper. Once this process is finalised, the Executor will apply for permission to distribute to the heirs.
  • Note that the distribution will take place once the estate is finally wound up and the transfer is completed.

What documents will you need?

  • ID Copies of all Heirs
  • Marriage Certificate to prove marital status as well as regime
  • Consent to the sale must be signed and commissioned by all Heirs
  • Original Last Will and Testament;
  • Estate documents to report estate include:
    • Death Notice,
    • Inventory,
    • Acceptance of Trust as Executor, or
    • Master’s Directions in terms of Section 18(3).

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