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Property Advice for sellers

If you need the best property advice for sellers, look no further.  We cover all the main headings when you are selling a property in Randburg, Gauteng.  There are more pearls of wisdom considered under the broad heading of property advice in Randburg.  Scroll down to find more.

How do you source or find the best agent in Randburg, Gauteng?

It is imperative and more so now to ensure that you link up with an estate agent in Randburg that holds a valid FFC or Fidelity Fund Certificate.  This will ensure that you work with an accredited estate agent in the Randburg area and is in line with South African property legislation. It may also be a good idea to browse the website of the agency you would like to work with to get a better idea of the listings they have on offer.  You see at Keller Williams Select we can help you sell your home in no time give our KW Culture and we can quite possibly help you find your next home.  When you have decided on an estate agency to partner with when you sell your property the next thing to consider is how to determine a fair market-related price when you sell.  You see Keller Williams Select has all the tools available to our estate agents in Randburg to assist with this step.  Firstly, book your valuation online, it will take a minute.  Next, the agent will pop in and go through some key documents.  The Lightstone property report.  Furthermore, a thorough review of the current market will help the agent you partner with to provide you with an accurate market-related valuation of your property.

How will your estate agent market your property?

  • Your estate agent will view your property.
  • We will provide you with a CMA or a comparative market analysis.
  • Your estate agent in Randburg will also provide your property valuation in writing.  This is also a discussion point and an important one.  Your asking price is the most important consideration when you sell and at KW Select it’s gotta be a win-win or the deal is off.
  • Professional photographs do take a little longer, but they are worth it.  Ask about the inclusion of an HD video which will help to get your property ranked higher on the major property portals.  It’s worth the extra step and it’s all about first impressions.
  • By law and in line with property legislation and the EAAB standards an agent should always present you with an effective marketing strategy.  And by rights you can hold your agent to this standard.
  • Understand through discussion how your estate agent will promote your property.  Let’s consider the benefits of online and offline marketing.  Your agent should use all the available resources to promote your property. 
  • Consider a show day or even an open hour on a regular basis to get feet through the door.
  • Discuss the importance of bringing qualified buyers through your door.  You want your offer to stick when it goes through.
  • In addition, you will need to work with your estate agent to facilitate viewings of your property and by appointment

Offer to Purchase

Once we have an interested buyer lined up, legally we need to present the offer to purchase to you the seller.  This is always in a written format and will contain the potential buyer’s signature.  The Offer to Purchase is always prepared by your agent. The price on the offers may be slightly different from your selling or asking price.  You have 3 options:

  1. Accept the offer
  2. Decline the offer, or,
  3. Counteroffer.

And what’s great is your agent will help you navigate through this process and will negotiate the sales price on your behalf.

Your estate agent will always need to explain what you have been presented with.  And more importantly, if you do receive 2 written offers, your estate agent will explain the benefits and the pitfalls of each offer.  Finally, you need as much information about the suspensive clauses before you can make the right decision.

Once you have made a decision and decide to sign the offer to purchase, you will need to sign and initial in all the right places. Once this is done the offer to purchase becomes binding.  And as a seller, you have the choice to submit the signed and accepted the offer to a qualified conveyancer.  Your estate agent is best placed to recommend a reputable conveyancer to assist with your property transfer.


If your offer to purchase is subject to any suspensive clauses this should be highlighted by your agent before you sign.  These suspensive conditions may include:

  • On condition that the buyer obtains finance from a bank if they are not paying cash. Your agent will outline cash and bond, bond only, or cash only.  That’s why a pre-approval is so important because it could save you a few days and your accepted offer starts on a solid footing from the start.
  • On condition that the buyer sells their property in order to obtain finance.  We hope that at least the buyer has started the process to sell their property in order to obtain finance.
  • Also, a buyer may request an ‘on condition’ clause, meaning they want something done to the property in order for the sale to be accepted and/or transferred.  Fix a window, etc.

Seller Costs to Consider

In conclusion, as a seller, there are costs to navigate, and we have already covered these in detail.  Click here to view the Electrical Compliance Certificate and the Seller Costs to consider.

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So, if you need a valuation done on a property anywhere in Randburg or elsewhere in SA, we can help.  Give us a call on telephone number (064) 549-3123.  Alternatively, drop us an e-mail at  We have a vast network of almost 1,500 top Keller Williams agents at our fingertips who are all just dying for the opportunity to partner with you to sell and conclude your property transaction in record time.

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Keller Williams is a phenomenal global real estate brand. In fact, it is the largest real estate franchise in the world.  As Keller Williams estate agents, we are not area-bound.  Our technology platform also sets us up for success.  As estate agents with Keller Williams, we get full access to all properties across areas as well.  That means if an estate agent in Randburg has a buyer from a previous listing that he has built a relationship with, this agent can share ‘YOUR’ property listing with their pre-approved buyers.  You see at Keller Williams it’s all about creating a win-win for all parties or it’s no deal.  The platforms we leverage worldwide are cutting edge.  This works for you as a seller because KW agents leverage our buyers across properties.  We share and our business model supports it. Click here to book your valuation. 

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