Emigrating to greener pastures

Emigrating from SA

Emigrating from South Africa for greener pastures.  Let’s look at who is emigrating and why if it is not already painfully clear already.  If as a South African you are also considering leaving SA, then you are not alone, and not by a long shot.

Reasons for selling a property in 2022:

  • The 2021 unrest across the country, concentrated in KZN is a key driver.
  • Families or older couples wanting to downscale is another factor.
  • More families are relocating to the coast or semigration as it’s known is a trend that keeps climbing.  Families getting off the treadmill opting for a less complicated and stressful life is also a growing trend.
  • Deceased estates, although always a factor has been a contender in the property sales market and more so since Covid hit us in SA.
  • Finally, emigrating to live abroad, is still a key factor when considering why South Africans are selling properties and moving to other countries.

Emigrating is not a new concept in SA

Emigrating to live abroad is also called the brain drain as it’s known sees South Africans leaving our beloved country for a number of reasons:

  • The socio-political environment.
  • Disillusionment with the government.
  • High unemployment.
  • The reality of our crime stats.
  • Loadshedding and more.

Where are our South Africans going?

According to a wide array of industries, that include (relocation experts, researchers, and professional bodies), SA citizens are leaving for:

  • The United Kingdom.
  • The Economic Union.
  • Australia.
  • New Zealand.

Emigration stats

Recently quoted, emigration increased significantly between 2015 and 2019 rising from 5% om 2015 to 13,4% om 2019.  The numbers are expected to keep going up though, especially thanks to the KZN unrest in 2021.

KZN sales numbers

Significantly, the KZN province saw an increase in selling due to security concerns.  The number of properties for sale in KZN is noted at 11% versus 8% and 7% for the previous quarters of 2021.  Finally, we are still not certain whether this trend will continue or whether it was a justifiable knee-jerk reaction to the riots.

Which sectors are emigrating? 

The emigration trend, whilst it cannot be ignored, is still noted at 8% of reasons for selling.  But it’s the wealthier South Africans that are most likely to emigrate.  When we stay wealthy South Africans, we also refer to this market segment as sellers of properties above the R3,5m mark which represents 14%.  This 14% is up the previous 13% and at R2,6m to R3,6m house price band.

Which age groups are emigrating?

Sadly, as quoted by PPS it’s noted that around 25% of the group’s clients with new graduate professionals with honors-level or higher qualifications are leaving for reasons of emigration.  Also and sadly, this is the group that has decided it’s time even before they get invested in the country.  And with good reason too, sadly.  Our children need a future, and their children need a future.

Emigrating and need to know what your property is worth?

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